I Don’t Know What To Feel

It’s been a week.

We opened the big holiday show this week at my day job and it is a challenge. We also closed a show this week. That is one of the things that I love about working in theatre, there is a temporary nature to everything. There is always something new, that you’re saying hello to, and something old, that you’re saying goodbye to.

And it was just my birthday (as in it ended minutes ago).

As I said in my last entry, this year my birthday had a feeling of “why bother” and “what’s the point” to it. I’ve been struggling lately and it just seemed like one more thing. Friday night, I attended opening night with my friend E and we had a blast. For so many things, she is the perfect wingman. I’m really grateful that she is my friend. Opening night was a lot of fun and felt a bit cathartic given everything that’s going on. We had fun at the show, briefly attended the opening night party and skipped the after-party in the booth to head to our homes and get some sleep (which seemed wise, considering I heard the party went until very early in the morning). Saturday, I had to work and I worked the show that was closing this weekend. It was nice to have a quiet show after all the craziness and noise that our holiday show brings. There are a number of elements to our closing show that made it complicated, but by the time it got to my last two, those things were pretty easy to work through and I got to say goodbye.

Sunday it was my birthday. I had a nice steady stream of folks dropping messages for me on Facebook. Some of them may have been a type of reflex message, Facebook tells you it’s someone’s birthday, so you go down the list and type happy birthday. But it was still nice to feel remembered. It threw into contrast, however, the messages that I wasn’t getting from certain people and that just spun into the stuff I’ve been dealing with. Overall though, it was a good day. I had my free coffee from Caribou, I had Chipotle for dinner, I went to an afternoon showing of Arrival (An amazing film. Smart Science Fiction story about language, communication and understanding that was based on an excellent novella called “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chaing) and then I went to a concert at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis.

I really dig seeing shows at the Entry, it’s a small club connected to First Avenue. The shows are intimate and rocking at the same time. Tonight, I went to see The Dove & The Wolf* play (I last saw them, with B, in 2014 opening for Rachael Yamagata). This time they opened for a performer that I’d never heard of, Jonathan Tyler. I dropped a FB message to a few people earlier in the week to see if anyone wanted to join me. It ended up being me, my brother, E and her partner T. It was pretty perfect. I really liked The Dove & The Wolf’s set (their banter is still pretty non-existent, but their music was great and they were accompanied by a few members of Jonathan Tyler’s band which helped fill out their sound nicely).

Jonathan Tyler was a nice surprise. He plays a sort of gritty roots southern rock/ country. A little bit Rocco DeLuca and a little bit Ryan Bingham. He was joined onstage for several songs by Nikki Lane, who I’d heard about but had never seen perform. He also joined her on some of her songs. There was a great energy to the show–it was the last night that The Dove & The Wolf were accompanying the tour and the tour was morphing into something else for its next leg, so there was a feeling of the euphoric farewell.

I’d hit up the merch table earlier in the evening to get the new EP from The Dove & The Wolf, but we wandered back over there after the show so that my brother could get some stuff. While I was waiting for him, Jonathan Tyler came out. I congratulated him on the show and to my surprise, he stopped and introduced himself and started chatting with me for a few minutes. A really cool, chill guy. And a nice way to end a day that bounced me all over the place emotionally. (I promise that I’ll get over my shit at some point and these entries won’t always revolve around my dreary depressive shoe gazing)**

Overall, it ended up being a pretty good birthday.

More later …

*Their new EP is the title of this entry. Seemed appropriate.

**There is, what, maybe two of you out there? I know my stats are almost non-existent.


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