Keeping Up

Calendaring is a strange concept–the idea that an object that is used to record appointments, dates, holidays has been turned into a verb. Marketing is to blame (marketing is usually to blame). I think that it was in a marketing meeting that I first heard calendar used as a verb. And now I use it all the time.

I write things down so that I don’t forget them. I used to be able to remember a lot more and was often kidded about being able to remember stuff from before I was born. Did my head just fill up with stuff? Or more likely, I’m just far more scattered now. Thank fucking god that I’m not needed to memorize lines any longer.

So, I write things down. I make lists of books in a series that I want to read, grocery lists, to do lists. When I find books (or other items) in the store, I’ll use the handy camera search feature in my Amazon app to log the item into one of my wish lists so that I can remember it later, whether to purchase from the original store, from Amazon, or perhaps to just borrow.

As far as scheduling goes, I use online calendars mainly for that. I use Google Calendar for my personal life (blocking off my work schedule, trips, personal appointments, brunches, gatherings, etc) and use the Outlook Calendar connected to my work email account for a more detailed accounting of my daily agenda (meetings, performances, etc). I still use paper calendars, but those are used as diary accounts of my day. I have two, one is a larger monthly planner that has large calendar pages with a sidebar for notes, and the other is a weekly planner with lined space for each day of the week. The monthly planner allows me to list what I’ve done, eaten, watched each day. I use the sidebar to keep track of my monthly bill payment. The weekly planner allows me more space for a slightly deeper accounting of my days, more commentary. This is as close as I get to keeping a journal now, aside from these infrequent entries. I used to journal regularly, writing sometimes several pages each day, recounting and dissecting my life. I still have these journals, though if I were to revisit them I suspect that they would read less Hemingway and more middle school gossip (as I’m sure my old Livejournal account did as well). I think the searching is the important part. And fucking remembering when you did something. For now, I’m going to be content with the remembering part.

I’ve begun posting pictures of my new place on Instagram and Facebook. It’s cozy and I’m enjoying it.

I had a great brunch with Emily today. We kept it to just over two hours (less than the runtime of a Tarantino flick!) due to her having a rehearsal scheduled at 1. Not quite the epic 12 hours that our brunch ran the last time, but they can’t all be marathons like that.

I’m lucky that I’ve got some really good friends. They’ve put up with me being sad for almost a year now and no one has just told be to get the hell over myself. Which I should, but it’s difficult. So I appreciate the discretion and the patience.

I’ve allowed myself a few days off of work this last week. It would have been straight through, but I had a schedule to publish, so I had to venture into work on Thursday and Friday. It was time needed. I need some more, but that will have to wait a little while. At least now I feel settled in my new place so my schedule isn’t as exhausting and disorienting as it was in the last half of 2015. Now it’s just busy.

More later …

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