in the middle

Somehow it’s already the middle of July. And as it turns out, exactly a month to the day of my last entry. It’s strange how time passes, because I couldn’t have have possibly posted that more than a week ago. Right?

In that time, “summer” began. Officially, it’s a thing on the 21st of June. If you’re talking Hollywood release schedule, it begins sometime in April now. When you’re younger, it’s when the school year has finished. I feel like that’s probably still the best demarcation, so early June it is. In addition to working full time, I’ve tried to squeeze “summer” in on the sides (as an adult, it’s really more of a concept now, isn’t it?). More time spent in parks. I went north to Duluth for a long weekend (a trip built around a dentist appointment, because I still go to the same dentist I did as a kid). Time spent trying to read books (not nearly as many as I hoped, especially since I’m reading a lot of graphic novels). Movies. Last weekend was a big family reunion trip to Wisconsin.

Being more of an introverted person, time spent around lots of people can be taxing. Trips where you stay with other people, even moreso, because there is no time or place to escape for that precious alone time. No time to spend sketching or reading. Everything is with people all of the time. Needless to say, even though it was a lot of fun, it was perhaps the most exhausting weekend of this year. Still, fun.

Painting: One of my goals for this year was to submit a painting to the Minnesota State Fair. I feel that I’m on a level that I should be presented at the fair. Of course, I must also be selected. Disappointingly, this year I was not. I didn’t even make Phase 2. I’m looking forward to seeing the works that were selected however and then continue working on new stuff. Next year I will submit again. My goal will now be to not only submit, but to be accepted into the Fine Arts competition. Next year, I’ll work on the things that I can definitely control, including the quality of the photo of my entry (it was good, but could have been lit better).

I just watched Snowpiercer yesterday. I thought that it was an excellent film, and felt, in many ways, tonally similar to another Chris Evans film, Sunshine. One hurdle that is necessary to get over immediately is that we somehow froze the planet and that the last of humanity is on a long train run by a perpetual engine. This train is now a microcosm of humanity. Our heroes come from the tail of the train, where the poorest of the civilization lives and they’re about to rebel. For this rebellion to succeed they have to make it to the engine, at the front. So, this is our journey, from the back of the train to the front.

The film is beautiful and insane. There is a wonderful poetic nature to it and a lovely symmetry. I was just thinking about how this is a good parallel to what life on a long term space mission would be like. You have limited space on the ship, no way to get off, and a hierarchical structure. In the original comic, there was a very soviet feel to the people who ran the train (border crossings with the cars, etc). In the film, it was strangely corporate (wealthy to poor, with elements of a developed religious fanaticism mixed in). In a space mission, I would imagine a mixture of military and corporate, with scientific and religious ideas pushing against each other. Of course, this is very much in the vein of the most recent Battlestar Gallactica series (which probably explains why I liked that so much).

There’s more stuff bubbling around in my brain, but that’s for another time.

Summer is about half over.

More later …


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