On a Rainy October Evening

I am at the library and the sky is dumping buckets of water down outside.

I’ve now moved my stuff from my place in Roseville to the new house in Minneapolis. The stuff has not found its ultimate home yet, sitting as it is in boxes across the first floor of Katie’s house, as I begin to unpack. But it’s all there, so there’s that.

This was a long weekend and a stressful move (no near nervous breakdown, so it’s still quite a bit better than my move from Brooklyn Center to Saint Paul years ago. Moves are never easy and they’re even more difficult when you’re doing it yourself. That being said, I have some great friends who stepped in during times that I really needed them and helped me out. My buddy Zack, for whom I travelled to Ireland to see get hitched, stopped by last Friday right after I picked up the first moving truck from U-Haul (they did not have one available for 4 days, so I had to punt a bit) to help me carry out my couch for a Goodwill run. He’d already expressed a disinterest in helping me move my copious amount of books again (I can’t blame him, they’re heavy, abundant and he’d helped me with them before) but when we made the drop he opted to stick around and help me load that first truck. This helped me get everything into the truck in an hour and a little bit and helped me keep to the schedule I’d set out. He had a Twins game to get to, so he bowed out at that point, and I set off for Minneapolis with my first trip.

When I got there, my new roommate Rachael (I’ll be living with Rachael and Katie), just started helping me unload the truck. She didn’t have to. But she did. And helped keep me motivate and hydrated and keep my schedule. Thanks to her assistance I had the truck back to the U-Haul by 6 and back to my packing.

Grateful, to them both. So very grateful.

The next morning was a little rough. I’d given my bed away a while back and without a couch, I had no place to sleep. So I tossed my sleeping bag on the floor and used it for a little padding. I slept rough, but I slept. Strange how, as kids, we’d get so excited about that exact scenario–having a friend over, or even a sibling, and camping out in the living room. Now … I’m too old for it. I pushed myself up and scrambled to clear the carpeted surfaces as much as I could because at 11 I had carpet cleaners coming over to clean my carpet. They came through, did a great job getting everything cleaned, and then told me that I couldn’t put anything on the carpet for 4-6 hours. I hadn’t thought about the drying time. I put on the fans that I had and took off for IKEA to buy my new bed while the carpet began to dry.

I managed to navigate parking and purchasing at IKEA pretty quickly–this is impressive considering I: a) went to IKEA on a Saturday, b) there is road construction going on by IKEA and the Mall of America, and c) Cirque du Soleil had their tents pitched in the overflow parking lot for Amaluna. I got a Brimnes daybed and two memory foam mattresses, which meant that, even with the relatively reasonable prices, it was still an expensive day. As I was leaving IKEA, I got a text from my friend Jane checking to see if I was free that evening to go with her to the opening of Theatre Latte Da’s new show, Steerage Song. I went home, saw that the carpet still had a ways to go before it could be reasonably considered dry, and text her that I could.

The show was good, not a play so much as a song cycle filled with songs about immigrating to America at the turn of the 20th century. During intermission we talked about the documentary nature of the show, the fact that we weren’t really following a story (the idea behind the show is that it is the story of all of the people, from various countries and cultures, who immigrated to America) and that it was almost like a Ken Burns documentary. Later that evening, I overheard someone jokingly call the show, Ken Burn’s The Musical. I think that it will do well and that it is an impressive display of the performers presentation of these songs (and it is kind of nice that these songs are all being presented, because there were so many that I’d never heard–it would be great if they could do a recording of them). So, a good night out.

I returned home, moved some stuff around. Prepped some cleaning and started hacking away on the buildings checkout list. Then I rolled out one of the new mattresses and crashed.

When I woke up at 10 am on Sunday I had no idea how long my day would be. Moving on my own meant that I was completely for the entire cleaning checklist, as well as getting my shit out. I picked up truck number 2, a Penske truck from White Bear Lake Rental, and started loading and cleaning. and loading and cleaning. and loading and cleaning. I got very tired around midnight. Even more exhausted around 3. Around 7, I passed the point of exhaustion and started functioning on pure momentum. I managed to finish cleaning and get everything out of my apartment (much of the remaining stuff was shifted into the lobby area) in time for my 11:30 check out walk-through. Then I finished loading the truck and drove truck number 2 to my new home.

I tried to assemble my bed first thing upon arriving at my new home. It went well for a while and then I had an issue with some screws. Numbers 102138 and 100372, to be precise. These screws are very nearly identical, sized only slightly differently. And, from what I gathered after I googled it later, like many people I used these screws incorrectly. And I stripped them. And now, I’m waiting for a response from the “contact me” thing at IKEA to tell me that they’re going to send me new screws, because IKEA screws are proprietary, not available elsewhere, and VERY specific. So, my bed sits there half finished. I unloaded a goodly chunk of the truck and then crashed out around two, 40 hours after I woke up.

I had to have the truck back to White Bear Lake by 11. I got up at 8:30 and pushed hard and managed to get everything off the truck and into the house by 10:30. This made the first floor very crowded, because the person who had been living in my room still had their stuff in the house. I rushed off and made it to the rental place at 11:30, which they were totally fine with. Big win. I dropped it off and then grabbed a Potbelly’s sandwich for lunch and picked up a few food and beverage items from Target, before heading back home (I also ran into my friend Tiff, who I haven’t seen for a while and who I missed at the opening of Steerage Song, a show she was working. We chatted for a few minutes before rushing off to the other places we needed to be). I pushed hard last night to get stuff as arranged as possible so that there was room to move and breathe a bit. I got my closet largely set up, though there’s still work to be done. I’m making a list of the stuff I want to attack as soon as I get home tonight.

So, why am I at the library back in Roseville? After work I had to drop off my modem at Xfinity and cancel my cable (which went really smoothly, in contrast to some of the horror stories that I read about online when I was trying to figure out how to cancel my cable). Then I had to drop some CDs off at the library (I have no intention of stopping my trips to this library, because I love it). I’m still here, because for the first time in a decade I’m living at a place without internet. Rachael and I have plans for getting it hooked up in a month or so, but until then, I’m wireless elsewhere–no Netflix, no blogging from home, no random wanderings online … right now I’m incredibly busy getting stuff unpacked and organized. I think for the first week or two I’ll be okay, especially since I still have it at work (and it’s kind of like this when I visit my parents) but after that, I suspect, withdrawal symptoms will begin to set in. So, fingers crossed we’ll get it by November.

And that’s where I am right now. Ready to begin my new normal. Readjust, refocus, repurpose. More Ireland stories to come.

More later …


Published by: Thomas Rohde

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