The reading at Jerabek’s on Saturday went well and was pretty well attended. Congrats to the talented group that I read with. I hope to have video soon.

I followed the reading with lunch at the Cherokee Tavern with Tiff and Zack, and then Tiff I dug deep into the antique store next door for a bit. Then, I stopped of at B&N, because what I really needed in a day that I spent three hours at a coffee house, than more coffee? (That’s a rhetorical question, no need to answer–the answer is always yes, just like if someone asks if you’re a god*). I capped off the day in true rockstar fashion by doing my taxes. I started them at midnight. I was going to watch Bachelorette and do my taxes, but Bachelorette was so gloriously wicked (and funny), that I didn’t start them until the movie was done. So, I did my taxes while watching Wolverine and the X-Men. And drinking whiskey. (Rockstar).

Sunday. Well, I couldn’t go to B&N … not two days in a row. Well I could, but I usually end up spending too much money that way. So I went to Target instead. Because, yeah, that’s better. But it was, because I had a list and stuff. And I was buying dinner. Then I came home, ate said dinner (Chicken Tortilla Soup, very good) and then painted two pictures at the same time. While watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold on Netflix. Thanks to Netflix Instant’s online autocontinue function I watched 11 episodes in a row while painting. Then I stood up for the first time in a couple of hours, remarkably didn’t fall over, and then to clear my brain from all the cartoon madness I watched a dance movie. Just kidding. It was a gymnastics movie called Stick It, from the writer of Bring It On. So, like a dance movie, but with medals and stuff.

My last post should’ve served as ample warning.

Today was the last day of my weekend. Yep, I work in theatre, I have weird days off, get over it. Today, I slept in. I went to the library. I stopped off at Half-Price Books (as dangerous as B&N) and grabbed a very (very) late lunch at Potbelly’s. Then I caught Spring Breakers. It is a hallucination of a movie, a lurid dream that descends into nightmare territory, and with it’s strangely poetic voiceovers and cinematography and unconventional plot structure, it’s impossible to predict how everything will turn out. This coupled with the fantastic score by Cliff Martinez and Skrillex just sucks you into the movie and leaves you unsettled every step of the way. The scenes of spring break hedonism have all the elements of the party that MTV filmed for years mixed with a nightmarish quality. That this orgy is the “paradise” that the four girls think they will find their true selves is pretty telling. In a conventional movie, the party would be prelude and the moment that they’re arrested and bailed out by Alien (a grilled up James Franco with corn rolls) is where there spring break turns. But any light in this spring break is an illusion from the beginning. Three of the girls robbed a fast food chicken restaurant to get the money to go on spring break (the fourth doesn’t participate in the robbery, but goes along anyway–there are no true innocents here). And once that they are there it’s all scooters pools and cocaine. At some point, there’s a moment for each of the girls when they realize that spring break is over. It’s different for each of them, and it’s as telling for the character of these girls as the thought that they’d find their “true selves” at a tourist town in Florida during spring break. This is the kind of film that could be dissected for a while and there are many things that Harmony Korine digs into here. Check it out and think about what your perception of the movie was going in versus the movie you saw.

Okay, so here we are. I just watched Bandslam (again, really good flick from the same crew behind Camp) and since I’m feeling a little shitty, I’m going to sign out and go to bed. Got another week of work ahead of me. And then I’m capping it off with a concert (and Minnesota may be adding another snowstorm into the mix. Because I live in Minnesota and we can’t have nice things, like spring.



*If you don’t get this reference, then I’m really not sure why you’re reading this blog. Not that I want you to stop. No, no, if you don’t get the reference, you might as well stop by here and pick up a few pop culture nuggets along the way. It’s from Ghostbusters, by the way. It’s a good movie. You should really get off the internet for a little while and watch it.


More later …


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