the bathtub on the hill and other stories

There is a gaping hole that lays between my last two posts. I’d like to think that the events were worthy of a Cameron Crowe music montage (not said in jest, I loves me some Cameron Crowe movies–especially Almost Famous and Elizabethtown–though I haven’t yet seen We Bought a Zoo …) but really, I was just doing stuff. And returning to work at the theatre, my summer hiatus too brief to write another book or have a really defining adventure.

So, some of the things that I did:

I went to the State Fair with Jackie–I’m not the kind of person that looks forward to the fair every year with a list of things that must be accomplished during my time there, but I do tend to enjoy myself when I’m there. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve gone to the fair with a variety of different people and been able to sample the fair through their eyes (or lists of food stops). I had a lot of fun again this year, toured the Art Building (which is really the only thing on my list, other than the music, though that totally depends who is playing on the day that I go), over ate, and had a swell day.

Saw a bunch of movies. I believe that I left off that July entry about to go see Total Recall. Well, I saw it and just about every other major movie that came out since then (not true, actually it was every other major movie that looked interesting to me, which is, if I’m honest, ridiculously diverse and a lot of movies).

Saw Tales From Hollywood at the Guthrie. My friend Meaghan is working it. I liked it overall–it displayed the scenes of the play as if they were being filmed at a sound studio, complete with the studio noises as the scenes ended and transitioned into the next. It worked very well with the large projections of the scenes, filmed as they were performed, and the subject matter, following the fictional story of a man who died in 1938 through the life of exiled artists living in Hollywood through World War Two and the years of McCarthyism that followed.

Visited my friend, C, in her small Southern Minnesota town for her Autumn Get Together Party. I ended up at work until much later than I would have liked, which meant that I didn’t leave Minneapolis until 9. I arrived just in time to enjoy the backyard fire and a beer before we all ventured off to explore downtown on a hopping Saturday night. Yelp (or an similar app) directed us to Harvey’s first (one of the three bars in the small downtown, all of which were within walking distance from their house. Harvey’s was, by far, the most hopping joint in all of downtown. If I had counted, I may have come up with as many as thirty people in the bar. And they were dressed for downtown … er, Minneapolis. Seriously, given how small this town is and that it was a Saturday night, I saw way too many men in office standard button-down shirts (one guy was even in a tie). It totally felt like we were crashing a party, or Small Town Date Night. Thankfully, there were a couple of guys at the bar with sweatshirts, cammo, buck caps, or some combination of the above that made me feel as home as I did in the bars out in Douglas County.

Oh, and it was karaoke night. This meant that Sarah became Penelope and sang a song, M rocked out, and Matt and I discovered that you could sing Love Shack in Adam Sandler’s voice. The DJ was a guy who was a metal fan when metal was young, had very obviously dyed his hair black and had it cut short and spiked it up (artfully though, like emo-metal). He had black eyeliner and pancake makeup to cover up the lines that were creeping across his face, from his eyes and around his mouth. He sang most of the songs and sang backup for M on a Linkin Park song. There were two girls dancing in the front that were very much not dressed for Harvey’s and were totally out of place, until one went into the DJ kit to get her smokes and it was revealed that they were plants–they came with the DJ! I wonder if the other inhabitants of the bar were aware, or if they were just excited that there were a couple of young (they fell in that nebulous age range that could be anywhere between 24 and 34). It was fun, but Josiah, the catalyst for this adventure, decided that we must venture on. So we did. Down the street to Lisa’s Place.

So, there were four people inside. Dollar bills (with some fives as well) were tacked to the ceiling. C decided that tonight should be her birthday. Some guys at the end of the bar bought her a shot (something vile, she reported, possibly containing vinegar or the juice for pickling) and then at her insistence, a chaser of normal beer. Kate ordered a MacGyver, which the bartender couldn’t replicate, and then said surprise me and was surprised by an Orange Creamsical (because, of course, all girls love shitty drinks). Bantering occurred. Matt bought M and I beers, since we got the pitchers at Harvey’s. Then we moved on.

Perhaps the best part of our time spent in downtown was not the bars that we went to, but rather the odd spaces between the bars. For instance, there was a patio seating area next to the liquor store (not so much Starbucks as Jeff Foxworthy) with a kid’s toy lawnmower next to the plastic chairs. Anyway, the last bar we hit was the Doghouse. It was everything that you’d expect from a bar called the Doghouse. There was a wooden bulldog statue inside. Kate and I took pictures of ourselves being a little inappropriate with it. Matt, who had broken his arm skateboarding, got into a conversation with some drunk guy who said that he was an arm wrestling champ. I wasn’t able to follow the conversation, because I was following another one with Sarah and M, while secretly photographing the arm wrestler and Matt. Josiah, Kate, Matt and I ventured over to the jukebox and picked out a ridiculous number of songs for the amount of money that Kate ponied up from their digital mix (it may be small town, but it is the 21st century).

We left a short while later, Warren Zevon still playing on the sound system, and ventured back to C and M”s house. But first, we went up the hill (up stone steps through ominously lit trees) to the graveyard at the top. We strolled around a bit. Some shenanigans, etc, and then went back down to the house. I paused on the hill because I’d decided that I was going to sit in that tub and that I was going to get a picture of myself in it. M followed along and obliged me by snapping a couple of photos. We went back into the house, M went to bed because he had to work in the morning, we ate cold pizza, C went off in search of Kate and Josiah (and then, once found, in search of Kate’s phone, which we had a bit of a timeline for due to Kate & my photo taking shenanigans on the way back to the house). Then Matt, Sarah and I had a brief conversation about The Avengers and the Nolan Batman movies, before everyone started getting ready for bed and I left. I wasn’t able to locate C, Kate or Josiah, so I shouted my goodbyes to them and drove off into the night. I got home sometime after 4 a.m.

Sunday, I got up in the morning and went to the Twins game (my first) with Jackie. It was the last game of the season and the Twins lost, but the seats were amazing. Totally spoiled for all future baseball games. I’m not much of a fan, but I had a lot of fun.

Caught Pitch Perfect on Monday with Tiff and Meaghan. Got caught up on here Tuesday. What more do you want? Details? Well, you’re not going to get them. I’ve cracked 1400 words already on this post, it’s late and I have to work again in the morning. So that’s what I’ve got. Some bullet points of adventures that I had while I was away, but not enough to encompass that full timespan, still allowing myself some measure of mystery.


More later …


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