dorm life, thus far

Good morning, internet. I thought I’d present to you a snapshot of the stuff that is occurring around my current responsibilities as a chaperone at this summer theatre intensive.

First, the tweets:

And some of the things that I’ve been making:

I also just finished reading Dana Fredsti’s book Plague Town, which is the first book in her Ashley Parker series. Ashley is a zombie hunter version Buffy and there are a lot of other things in this book that are derivative of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. It also leans pretty heavily on quoting pop culture, especially horror movies. That said, it was a fast, fun read. Hopefully, she allows the characters to grow and become more distinctly individual in the two books that are forthcoming.

Prior to starting this gig, I saw Prometheus for a second time (first time was the midnight showing with Zack, second time was a Saturday afternoon showing in 3D with Meaghan). I fall into the camp that really loved this movie. It is, I think, from the best school of science fiction, which poses many questions and doesn’t try to answer all of them for the audience. It feels like you are seeing a very small corner of a very large world through the eyes of the characters experiencing it. That means, of course, that we are offered the characters’ opinions and speculation as to what everything means, but not being given the definitive answer. The questions are big questions too: where did we come from, how were we created, what were the intentions of our creators, why (if this is actually the case) did our creators decide to destroy us, and what prevented that from happening. This is very much “us” centric of course, because the characters that we follow in this movie are human and interpret it to be thus. The engineers are speculated upon, and even when we see them, we still don’t understand them or their intentions because we can’t see it from their perspective. Since I’ve seen this film, I’ve read many different things online that speculate about the movie and its intentions from many different perspectives. They all seem like valid interpretations (except for the ones that get obvious details wrong, like “how did she know it was going to Earth” when it is, clearly stated in the movie, that she is told that the ship has a course set for earth–lots of commentary that I’ve seen about this movie, even from sources that I respect, like Roger Ebert, get details from the movie incorrect, which is very curious). This is definitely a movie that inspires conversation and debate and it is disheartening when I see someone dismiss it because it didn’t live up to whatever hyped version they had in their brain. It’s not a bug hunt like the other Alien films, that’s been done to death. In fact, while there are homages in this film to the Alien films and many other sources, it is never derivative. I look forward to getting the Blu-ray and spending more time with this movie.

Finally, an image from the theatre center at the university:

More later …


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