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I’m trying to be more topic oriented on here, so that a post that starts off about one thing doesn’t slowly devolve into a list of stuff that continues until I can’t think of stuff to add. So, in a word, snappier.


I finally upgraded my Mac. I’m still using the MacBook that I got in 2007 right after I returned from my trip out west to Seattle, but it’s been getting very creaky as of late. I’ve used up just about all of it’s available memory and have been terrified of trying to just run iTunes from my external hard drive (what if I deleted it from my mac and then couldn’t get it to work from my external … I’d be without my music … that would be terrible). Video wouldn’t run properly, Safari would shut down randomly, pages would take forever to load … it was time. I’ve been writing my book on my netbook, so I wasn’t worried about losing that work, but there was still a lot that I wanted to save. So I finally got a new MacBook Pro.

It’s great. I didn’t geek out about it as much as I geeked out about my first MacBook because, while this one is better, it still shares a lot of the same DNA. I was just trading up. And I’m not even really trading, I’m still using my other Mac, this is just my new primary computer. Which also means that it is my primary iTunes … which meant that I had to sync my iPod to this computer. It went well, my iPod didn’t chew the connection cord off, develop an infection and die, but still it was stressful, because what if? I have a huge music library and I want (need) to have my music available as I need it to suit me–at some point I’m thinking of  publishing the different playlists and albums that I listened to as I was writing my book, because I needed specific types of music as I wrote specific scenes and sections. Music is so much a part of my process that I wrote artists and songs into my manuscript so that readers could have a taste of the atmosphere that I was creating (and sometimes references are made as inside jokes/ knowledge for the people who “get it”). So, I needed my music.

The transfer went pretty well. Because I just transferred the music that I saved and not the library clones that I had (I was also concerned about duplicates, there is no way that I want to de-dupe 15,000 songs) none of my playlists transferred. When I hooked up my iPod and transferred purchases, those purchases got saved in the iCloud, but didn’t isolate themselves as a purchased playlist in my iTunes. So, I have to start that from scratch.

This isn’t the worst thing ever. Now I can create new playlists without the weight of the 30 or so playlists that I had on my old iTunes taunting me, telling me that there is already a playlist very similar to the one I’m creating if only I’d listen to that one instead … And I haven’t deleted iTunes from my old Mac, so I can still access those playlists to recreate or burn them as I want them. Playlists are important for writing, but I’ve also made a dozen or so lobby mixes for the theatre and I’ve made playlists for gifts and playlists for trips … I don’t want to lose those. Not because I will listen to them again, but because I want to remember that for that instance, that combination of songs was important. Once the world went digital we lost the art of the mix tape and I think that we’re a little poorer for it.

I’ve been reading a ton on my kindle. Love it. I feel like I’m neglecting paper books a little, but I have a feeling that once I’m off work for the summer that I’ll devour those again too. My kindle just happens to be a little more portable right now. Since I wrote last I read The Girl Who Played With FireThe Howling and Shotgun Gravy. I have The Howling 2 and The Howling 3 cued up and ready to read, as well as, Elmore Leonard’s first three Raylan Givins stories (one story and two novels) a book by Henry Connolly, and a bunch more.

Trying to go to the movies at least once a week. I miss seeing movies at the theatre, but the longer I go without going the easier it is to convince myself that I’ll just go later or catch it on Netflix. I miss a lot of movies this way, because there is no way that I’ll ever get through my entire back catalogue of “things to watch”. So, I went to see HaywireThe Grey, Safe House and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance recently. I think that I’m missing one or two as well from my last writing, but whatever. I’m seeing movies. I’m liking them for the most part. It’s all good.


In just over a week I’m leaving for Chicago. I’m getting excited for this trip. I really need to get away and it will be good to go to this conference and be around adults for a few days straight in a city that I’ve never been to. That’s right, I’ve never been to Chicago. I’ve been past it and around it a few times, but never inside. I’ll be taking the train, because I love train trips. I’ll be staying at the event hotel, which is the Hilton Chicago. I’ll be going to AWP. It will be fun. I’m going on Tuesday, which puts me there ahead of the conference actually starting (it begins on Thursday and goes through Saturday), but since they have the folks coming in early to set up for the book fair I can get the conference rates early. I’m planning on going to the Field Museum on Wednesday because I’ve never been and have always wanted to. Sue is there. Sue is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. When I was in second grade I met the guy who found Sue, before he found Sue and before he went to jail for finding Sue. I also recently rewatched The Relic with my friend Tiff, which was filmed at the Field Museum. I’m a big nerd, I’ve always wanted to go and now I get to.

So, that’s what I’ve got right now. Planning on writing more soon (going to try and do some short posts from Chicago as well, but that might just live on my Twitter until I get back).

More later …


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