Ever so quickly, life seemed to get full and messy once again.

I’m plugging away at this round of edits for the book. The deadline for my second thesis draft is ridiculously close (March 1st) and yet … and yet, what? It seems to be progressing relatively smoothly, but yet at the same time there is so much work that needs to be done on it. I’ll make the deadline, because that’s what I do, but once again I’m not quite sure how it’ll all come together. Spent some time on it this evening again. I forgot my netbook at home, so I kept to making notes on the paper and rereading the sections that have been marked up by my advisor (this sounds like I am able to go over the entire document over and over again. I can’t, it’s much too long. I’m slowly working my way from beginning to end and focusing on it in compartmentalized segments. I’m only now slipping past the 100 page mark with my scribbles, and around the 40 page mark with my in computer edits). Like I said, it’s a process.

My day job has been keeping me occupied. At the beginning of the month we closed one show and this last week we opened another. The time between involved a dentist appointment, schedule making and product ordering. Funny to think of how ordinary so much of our work is when people visit the theatre and can’t help but say things like “don’t you just love your job?” and “it must be such fun to work here!” I tell them that it definitely has its moments, and it’s true, I’ve had some incredible experiences, but it’s also true that much of what we do is the same day to day slog that they all do at their offices. Such is the magic of theatre. I’m not complaining though, I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing right now.

My apartment has gotten into disarray again. I’ve been working slowly to try and put order to it all. In the end it feels like I’m only rearranging the piles. This summer I think I’ve got to do a major purge, beginning with the second bedroom’s closet and move throughout the place. It’s hard to feel organized when you’re constantly surrounded by stuff. But such is my natural state, so I have to find some middle ground to make it work.

One thing that’s been wonderful is my kindle. I just finished another book on it the other night and I love it. I love being surrounded by books, but it’s nice having a device that makes every book the same size and that makes finishing one and beginning another completely seamless. I just finished reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. I’ve had the book since it was released, but it’s a massive brick of a book (760 pages). It sat on my shelf since I got it because it’s just been too big to carry with me in my bag. Well, after I got the most recent recommendation to read it, I got a kindle version and sped through it in two weeks. To keep track of my progress in to corporeal world, I moved a bookmark through the book as I read.

The book is pretty good overall. I’m definitely going to get the second book in this series, The Twelve, when it comes out. It’s flawed on several levels, but he kept things moving fast enough that I wasn’t held up by the things that bother me about it in retrospect. I think that people reading it because they are expecting a frightening horror novel will be disappointed (unless you frighten very easily) but if you like post-apocalyptic adventure (action) novels/ movies then you’ll enjoy it. It reads a lot like a Stephen King novel (though I’m more inclined to actually be terrified by Stephen King, haven’t for a while, but it’s happened … ).

I just downloaded The Girl Who Played With Fire onto my kindle. I have a physical copy as well, but again, it’s a huge novel that makes it difficult to go from bag to bag. I have a feeling with this one though that I’ll read it a little bit like how I read The Hunter, bouncing back and forth between the two.

A few personal matters. I spoke with my dad a week ago and he told me that this growth that the doctor found turned out to be cancerous. It was removed and it looks clear, but he’ll have to get checked out again in three months. If he’s still clear in three months, then they’ll check him out again in three years. (It might be every three months for a few cycles before he moves to the every three years thing, I can’t remember as I’m typing this, but I wanted to note it for my own sake. I haven’t had a paper journal for a while and I need some marker for myself). Both of my dad’s sisters have been treated for cancers, so it’ll be something that I have to watch for.

One of my dad’s close friends was just diagnosed with lung cancer. I haven’t seen him for a while, the last time was at his daughter’s wedding (our families have been friends for a long time, almost my entire life). It’s still a tough thing to hear.

I’ve got my website up now. It has links to this blog, my facebook, my twitter … everything that I do online. This makes me ask myself again, what the purpose of this blog is. If it is a personal journal, then perhaps it doesn’t belong linked to a professional website (though, all of my online shenanigans are personal). I have to figure it out soon though. Perhaps I’ll shift the format a little, I’m a fan of Warren Ellis’s page and Wil Wheaton’s blog. Neil Gaiman’s blog (sporadic now, but at one point quite prolific) sort of collected links and pointed people at stuff, something that I use Tumblr and Facebook to do. So, what is this page? I’m not to the point where I’m writing craft essays and I don’t quite have the type of personality that Richard Kadrey or Chuck Wendig project online (this is largely the function of my dual life with my day job–my personality does share some of the darker shades of their humor, it’s just not currently projected on here).

I guess, right now, the answer is that I’m ernest. I’m a fan of the things I’m a fan of. I’m a big nerd with a wide interest base. What I may begin to focus on is the things that are occupying my attention right now. Things I’m interested in.

Or maybe I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing. Regardless …

More later …


Published by: Thomas Rohde

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