giving thanks

This will only be a short entry, another monthly mile marker as I continue to plunge through my various projects.

Work continues on hush version 2.0. I need to have it to my thesis advisor, Mary, by December 1st. Somehow the months between finishing the first draft and now just melted away. I started with my red pen, marking up my first draft, but that was a slow crawl through the first seven chapters. So I opened a new document and I started retyping, or rather typing, since I was, at that point, mainly generating new material. Somewhere in the first 15000-20000 new words I began to weave in the stuff I’d already written. Now I’m alternating between using my vicious red pen of justice to mark up, edit, slice, dice, notate and puree my first draft and then I’m cutting and pasting the corresponding chapter into my new draft and making the edits on my laptop. It’s going much faster and I’m discovering many new things in between the words that I’d written. I’m up to 67000 words on my 2.0 draft and nearly done with the long first act of my novel (thankfully, acts 2 & 3 are a little shorter, though who knows what they’ll look like when I’ve slashed at them in red pen).

The difficult first hump of the season is nearly finished at my day job. Soon we’ll close the show on our second stage and then I’ll only have one stage to schedule and work. It’ll be a lot easier to wrap my head around. My new boss was also just hired and I’ve been in one meeting with her. I like her, I think she’ll be good for the department and the theatre.

Thanksgiving is this week. My folks decided to come down for the holiday and have Thanksgiving dinner at my apartment, since I won’t be able to get away from the city. (Sadly, my first thought was of the lost writing day–damn you wonderful parents for interrupting my writing schedule with your love for me!) I’m excited though. I’ve been at the theatre for nine years and this will be the first show that they will see there (one of my favorites too, the last time we did this show was my first season and I’ve been waiting nine years for it to be put back on the schedule). Then, on Thursday, after we’ve eaten, they’re going to join me in the only thing that I had planned for the day–we’re going to see The Muppets! I’m stupid excited for this movie.

Other stuff …

Got a Kindle Fire. Love it so far.

At the beginning of December I’m heading North. Going to visit my folks, get the four wheel drive on my truck fixed and go see my friend Caity Shea’s play in Duluth.

Had to work on my birthday this year. Was okay. A few days before I got a package in the mail–thinking that one of my Amazon orders arrived early I opened it. Discovered that my brother got me a Zero Tolerance folding knife for my birthday (a Gibbs knife, for you NCIS fans). I’ve got a wonderful little brother. Then on my birthday, I found out my staff got me a card and cupcakes for my birthday (and thankfully, they didn’t sing). Afterward, Zack and I went to Outback and I got a steak. We hung out for a while and then we went to see a late-showing of Immortals. I wasn’t expecting much from the movie, but was pleasantly surprised. It was very enjoyable (and visually it was gorgeous).

My friend Kjersti brought her daughter August to see Oz on Saturday, so I got to see them.

I designed and got new business cards in the mail. They have book information on them and I’m going to bring them with me in February to AWP to give out. Hopefully, it helps my project stick in someone’s mind that is in the position to help it succeed. At the very least, it’s a very cool business card with my contact info on it for whatever new friends I meet. (That reminds me, I need to book my train tickets ASAP before they go up in price any more).

Did a little more tweaking on my website. Have now purchased the domain for the next two years. Also began building a second website with my name on weebly. The “walking to bars” name will work well for the next few years and if I decide that I want to shift my brand a little, I’ll use my own name.

That’s all I’ve got right now that seems relevant. As I’m moving forward with my projects, I’ve been thinking about what I want out of this blog. It’s still been largely a collection of brain dumping from my personal life, but I’ve notice that I haven’t used it to collect any of the stuff that I’m looking at/ experiencing online (I seem to use Facebook and Tumblr for that, while the immediate commentary and observations go to Twitter). What does that mean for the future of this blog? I don’ t know. I like it a lot, but I’m not spending much time interacting with it. Perhaps, when I’ve reached a little more clarity with my future career path, I’ll reformat it a bit to be a repository of the things that interest me and a place to point to the places that have my current attention (like all the articles I’m reading on the different Occupy cities and campuses and the reactions to them, i.e. militarized police brutally attacking the protesters). There is so much happening in this country right now and so far I’ve been microfocused (on here anyway) on the minutiae of my daily life.

So that’s what I’ve got now. More later …


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