by moonlight

Been very tired lately. It’s not too surprising, I’ve had a very full plate  lately. I just finished the November schedule and I think that I’ve managed to scratch out a little bit more breathing room. I’m going to need it–my December 1st deadline for Thesis I is right around the corner and I still have too much to do on it. I think that I’m going to put my vicious red pen of justice down and just start retyping it. It’ll be quicker, I should be able to catch the line by line errors and I can work all the changes in that I plan on making. Here’s hoping.

Last night I went see The Thing with Zack. It was really good and a solid prequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 film. Some weirdness on the way to see the movie–we got to the theater and the place was swarming with cops. Apparently there was a fight in the theater just before we got there. Then, we decided to stop in the bathroom on the way in and while we were in there we kept hearing some sounds coming from the handicapped stall, dice as it turned out–apparently some guys have nothing better to do on a Friday night then hang out in a men’s restroom playing craps in a stall. It was really nice to hang out with Zack, we haven’t been able to hang out for a while since our schedules have been so busy. He’s put Chicago on his schedule, so I have a travel companion now for AWP. I’m looking forward to it–I really need a good trip and to get out of Dodge for a little bit.

What else is new? Detoxing my brain with episodes of Bones (season 6). Watching some movies as I have time. Made some time to go see Real Steel and Drive (really enjoyed both of them). Got a few more books–Richard Kadrey’s Aloha From Hell, William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist and Legion, Dennis Lehane’s Moonlight Mile, and others. I pre-ordered a Kindle Fire, so assuming that nothing comes up to prompt me to cancel the order, I’ll get it on or around November 15th. I’m excited to get my first tablet and e-reader, in the same device no less.

Other than that, not a lot going on. I see Meaghan and Tiff in fits and spurts. Talked to Tiffany for a bit a week or so ago and that was nice, she’s hoping that she can make a trip here in a year or so. I chatted with Megan on Google chat a little the other night, she just broke up with they guy she moved to California for. Otherwise, it’s a lot of work and me hanging out on my own.

Moving right along though. Halloween is right around the corner and I have another draft to finish.

More later …


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