breaking its back

I’m at 80,000 words. I’m in Act 2. It’s going good and I’m still making discoveries.

I’ve set up my Prospectus meeting with Mary (Prospectus is written and sent). I need to file the paperwork for Thesis this week.

Other than that:
I bought an awesome new coffee maker. No coffee pot, programmable, 12 cup … is beautiful.
I’ve been watching a lot of NCIS (I’m nearly done with season 4 now).
Devouring as many books as possible (though, not as many as I’d like … you can keep up with that stuff at my Goodreads page).
Trying to watch as many movies as I can (though, not as many as I’d like … once again).

Summer has been more or less amazing. I’ve been tied to my apartment due to the need to make my word counts and get my book done and due to a limited amount of funds. I’ve been pretty comfortable this summer, all things considered. The gig at the U really helped keep me comfortable and away from too much worry about money and the ability to pay bills. Looking back now, from the perspective of August and summer’s end, I can see things I wish that I wish I would have done that I didn’t, people that I wish I would’ve spent more time with but didn’t … but I didn’t. That’s the trade off I suppose, creating this story … writing this book … it takes time. Sometimes all the time. Sometimes the balance is better. But, it has still been amazing and I don’t want it to end.

I want nights of coffee and beer and wine, cake and pie and chinese food eaten out of take-out containers. I want movies and music and conversations that last and last until dawn starts beating against the velvety cover of night with a rosy fist. I want that mad dash of motion that is quality time with friends, sex with passion, love without limits. I want that open-ended feel of summer that was there in college where we went night to night and we banged against the edges if we thought it’d give us a few more minutes of that party.

That party ended. It’s okay, I did as much of that stuff as I could. I was also broke a lot more, not that it ever seemed to really matter. Now, I’m living in this summer. I get to be with these people. I get to live this life. And I get to love it.

I’ve broken the back of my novel and now I’m on the home stretch. Soon, very soon I’ll have a first draft and I’ll start Thesis. Soon, grad school will be done and I’ll be on my way.

More later …


Published by: Thomas Rohde

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