May Day

As I begin to type this this, the opening to 2001: A Space Odyssey is playing on my television. Perhaps it’s appropriate for this entry, perhaps not; it is going to be part of the lyric essay that I have to write in the next week. My transitions class is nearing it’s end, next week we turn in our papers and read from the abstract to give everyone a taste of what we’ve written. I’ll most likely post it on here once it’s finished, I hope to do some linking and this seems like a good home for it.

It’s been a busy few weeks again, but that is a reoccurring story. When has my life never not seemed busy. Even when I have few things scheduled it just seems to fill up. In this case it’s all about deadlines and planning. This class is wrapping up and it has included a lot of weekly reading–between 150 and 400 pages a week. We’ve also had short writing assignments each week, though we haven’t had those for the last two weeks in order to give us time on our lyric essays. Time, such a fleeting thing. Been busy with work as well. We opened Annie and it has been huge. Hugely popular as well, so that’s good–it’s an excellent production and a wonderful way to end our season (a season that hasn’t really had any missteps, thought we went into each show only cautiously optimistic–it’s one thing to know that you’re producing fantastic work, but another to have it accepted as fantastic and this season everything has been very well received). I’ve tried to eek out a little bit of a personal life as well, nothing romantic, but rather time with friends to relax and connect, see movies and eat and talk and have some fun … it’s been mostly successful, but then I’m also probably not getting enough sleep.

In addition to the lyric essay, I also have to revise a short story that I wrote a few weeks back. One week, lots to do. Once I finish these assignments, the next step is to get my Thesis Prospectus done, meet with my advisor and officially sign up for thesis in the fall … three years and here I am, at the end. Once I get that paperwork done I’ll begin work again on my novel, working on it around my commitments at the theatre first. My season there is done on June 18th, then I’m on layoff until August 20th.  I picked up a short term job with my friend Katie until the end of June to get a little more cash in my bank account before the summer and then …

I write full time. I’m going to have an ambitious schedule this summer in order to finish this book, but I’ve spent enough time with it that I think I can do it. The plan is five single spaced pages a day in order to get to fifty double spaced pages a week (I’m excluding weekends from my projections to allow me some time to get ahead and do more than that, lord knows that I’ll need it). I’m projecting my book to cap out between 400 and 450 pages. I’m toying with the idea of using a “word tracker of doom”, something to chart in this blog where I’m at. If I use it I’ll start doing so in the beginning of July I think.

And now, since it is a moment that should be noted and has across the internet: last night the president went on air around 10:30 to announce to the world that Osama bin Laden has been killed. He was tracked down in Pakistan and a special mission was organized through JSOC to send in a Navy SEAL team to get him. I don’t know if the intention of the mission was a sanctioned hit or if the desired end result was to bring him in, but after a fire fight he was shot several times (from what I understand, one time was a head shot). I’m not sorry the bastard is dead. I think that the cheering (USA! USA!) and the champagne cork popping is a little obscene, but I don’t think that those reactions were just about bin Laden’s death, but rather a release of the collective emotion that has been stewing ever since the planes went into the towers on September 11, 2001. That emotion over the years has turns poisonous and the bile has turned to hatred for so many people. Hopefully this release, while it won’t end a war on terror, since that is a war without end, will start turning the tide of hatred and bigotry in this country. We have killed a boogeyman, someone who has been the image of our fear, and now, maybe, we can move on.

Last Thursday, I watched Insidious with Tiff and Meaghan–fantastic movie. The soundtrack and sound design were incredibly well done, they put you on edge from the very first moment and keep you there throughout the movie. The innocuous moments at the beginning seem incredibly tense and ominous, which makes it even more effective when things really start to happen. I’m not one who jumps in horror movies and I jumped during this one–several times.

Saturday, Zack and I got dinner and then we saw Fast Five. Such a great flick–a great big silly action flick that keeps moving, keeps you invested, and doesn’t make the action scenes into an incomprehensible mess (I’m looking at you Michael Bay).  Two hours and ten minutes and it felt like it flew by. That’s saying something for a flick that is coming so late into a series.

It’s still cold outside. The winds felt pretty frigid today. Snow is back in the forecasts. I’m calling bullshit on the whole lot. Fuck that shit. I’m ready for summer.

That’s all I’ve got now. I’m going to take a few notes from 2001 for my essay and finish chatting with my dad and then move on to the next thing. There’s always the next thing. Such is life.

More later …


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