white christmas

It’s now officially winter, though the snow has been a strong indication of the season for the last few weeks.  We got more today.  It’s one of those winters …

My little brother arrived in town on Saturday.  I spent most of the day cleaning and then had to rush because he got here an hour earlier than we expected.  This wasn’t so bad, last year he got here two days late.  After I got him from the airport we got dinner at Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue and then got a coffee at B&N.  He picked up gifts for Mom and I gave him a new Christmas list to replace the one that he apparently lost before my birthday.  We met up with Zack and then went to catch Tron: Legacy in 3D at the AMC.  Really fun movie.  Kept what was good about the first movie, added lots of nerdy allusions to other sci-fi flicks, and kept it moving so that the plot holes were mostly in the rearview before you started thinking about them.  The 3D served the movie well and, like I said, it was fun (Jeff Bridges had a great dual role in this flick, playing both Kevin Flynn at 61 as well as CLU, the evil computer program with 1989 Jeff Bridges face).  Daft Punk created a fabulous score for the flick and it had some great one-liners (“Sam!  You’re … really messing up my zen thing, man.”)  Great experience all the way around.

Zack dropped us at Target (which was thankfully open until midnight for the holidays) and we picked up some basics.  I also got a nice mid-liner jacket that fits me pretty close and is nice and warm.  It will be great as an liner layer on really cold days and as my sole jacket on cold days that I’m running in and out of places–works much better with my bag and isn’t as bulky if I’m going to be spending time in stores or wherever.  Bill and I got back to my place, had some tea and then went to bed.

Sunday, I had to work two shows, so we got up and I left Bill at the apartment and went in to the theatre.  The shows went really well and it wasn’t an altogether unpleasant day.  It’s nice on shows that have the potential to be difficult (such as this one, in which one show runs right up until the time that the next show’s audiences are scheduled to start arriving) when they run incredibly smoothly.  This show has been really popular, which means that we’re almost completely sold out and then with the winter weather, folks have a hard time getting their families to the theatre on time or may have had to exchange tickets from another performance … all of which causes our start time to feel a little pressure.  My fantastic staff and I managed to get the audience in very quickly and handle all the issues that popped up in front of us in excellent time so that the show was able to start very nearly on the dime.  The second show only had a late start of a few minutes, minutes that we needed anyway with the crowds pouring in.  All good problems to be faced with, and in the case of Sunday, they were faced with lots of very pleasant people.  A good day overall.  My little brother chilled at my apartment for the day, watching movies and napping.  He wasn’t feeling very well, so I’ve been encouraging him to rest whenever he can.  It’s far to easy to get worn down and ridiculously ill over the holidays, and then your break is ruined and you head back to work afterwards with that sick hangover … not very fun at all.  When I got home we went over to Old Chicago to grab dinner (we had a very tasty pizza).  We chatted for a while and then stopped at Target again to get some cookies and hot cocoa and then went back to my place to watch Hot Tub Time Machine.  We were going to watch another one as well, but it was pretty late and he was still exhausted, so we called it a night.

Today, I got up around 10:30 and had a bagel and cream cheese and did a little reading.  I jumped in the shower around 12:30 or so and then close to 2 Bill got up.  This under the weather thing was really wrecking him, so he needed the extra rest (I heard a nasty sounding cough coming from his room last night).  He got showered up and we made plans to head over to Zack’s place, grab a late lunch and then run some errands together (we both have some Christmas gifts to get and Zack had some things to do).  We stopped at Target once again so that I could exchange a winter vest that I’d found on clearance for a smaller size.  They were out of the size I needed, so I got a smaller sized winter shell (I got an XL on Sunday, which fits but has some extra room in it.  I got a L today which fits me almost exactly and works as an underlayer for the XL shell) and then we headed towards Zack’s.  Our quick jaunt was foiled by the weather (we got more snow again today–I was hearing 6-8 inches more) and with traffic it took us around an hour to get to him.  By the time we got there we decided that traffic was too shitty to head back out for errands, so we had some tea and then walked into downtown St. Paul to hit up the Subway there for dinner.  It was brisk out and there was snow piled up on all the sidewalks, but it was a great walk and we had a lively conversation.  We got dinner, went up to the top of a parking ramp to get some snapshots of the snowy city from higher up (I’ll post photos later) and then trekked back to Zack’s place, walking through Mear’s Park on the way.  We took a quick spin down University Avenue to drop off an envelope that we weren’t able to get to earlier with the traffic and then we hung out at his place until his girlfriend, Erin, got done with work and then we went out to The Bulldog for some drinks, some tater-tots and some hot dogs.  Again, very varied and stimulating conversation and lots of laughter.  After we finished we went back to Zack’s once more to finish the documentary that we’d been watching while we waited for Erin to get home (Exit Through the Gift Shop, an excellent flick about street art, the meaning of art, art versus commercialism, and this weird guy who became “Mr Brainwash”) and then went home for the night.

Bill and I were going to watch a Christmas flick this evening, but the hour got too late and he still needs sleep.  I putzed around on the computer for a bit and now I’m writing this entry.  Soon I’ll be jumping into bed as well.  Tomorrow we’ve got the last of the Christmas shopping to do, some Christmas movies to watch, and some general relaxing to be done.  Wednesday, I have to work the afternoon show and then Bill and I drive North to Mom and Dad’s house.  I’ll have my dentist appointment on Thursday morning and then it’s just us chilling in the woods and celebrating Christmas through the weekend.  One thing about living in Minnesota, there’s not much need to dream of a white Christmas … we’re pretty much guaranteed one.

More later …


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