forward momentum

I’m extremely tired.  Momentum infers that there is some sort of pace that is self perpetuating and really I feel as if I’m still chasing a train, but it’ll do for a title.

Last Saturday I hung out with Angela.  We got some good food at Khan’s and drank wine at her place with some of her friends.  Pretty good evening overall, I think that they all enjoyed my company to some degree.  Really, I just wish I hadn’t been so worn out.  I felt a bit like I was just going through motions.  Well, there was a lot of laughter, so I’d chalk the evening up to a positive.

Sunday I had off.  Only day this week.  Even so, I feel like I had it pretty chock-o-block filled, though I can’t quite remember what I did specifically.  I know I spent some time at B&N doing class reading (Mortal Groove by Ellen Hart, finished it Tuesday night–decent book, wasn’t a favorite of mine, but good overall).  I must have watched a dvd or something as well (I’m pretty sure that was the evening that I watched Robocop again–director’s cut, still an excellent flick, even better with the additional grittiness).

Monday was a special event at the theatre and I worked it.  Annual share-holders meeting.  Routine by now, had to be there early.  I was pretty tired after, but that seems to be the theme.  I left the theatre at one, headed over to Rosedale and grabbed a sandwich at Potbelly’s and then saw an afternoon showing of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  I enjoyed the flick overall, but I’m still not certain I liked how it ended.  It felt strangely structured–Gekko is featured heavily because he’s the standout character, but it is really the story of Shia LeBouf’s character and his relationship with Gekko’s daughter.  The ending felt strangely optimistic, almost as if Oliver Stone punted it.  Also, the Bud Fox cameo felt really strange and out of place.  Monday night I got some dinner with Tiff and we hung out at her place (watched Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and the new episode of “Castle”).

Tuesday through now has been constantly stressful.  We finally got our computers back last night, but the rest of the week I was still scrambling to put together the schedule, get the seat numbering done, and get another stage open (we now have two shows running–Robin Hood opens tomorrow).  There are new challenges every day and everything has to happen right now! Sigh.

Had class this evening.  As I’ve said throughout this entry, I was pretty exhausted.  But class was good.  Even when I’m tired I still feel like I’m getting a lot out of each session.  I can’t wait to have more time again to get cracking on my novel–my ideas are almost bursting at the seams.  I have to do a synopsis for next week and in the next few weeks I have to have a revised first chapter for class.  Once again I’ll be turning in the first three chapters, but since I’ve started back up on the book I have changes that I know I need to make, so it’ll be worthwhile to work it again.  The only thing I’m not thrilled about is workshopping them in small groups, but whatever.

Tomorrow I work opening.  A solid eight hour day.  Saturday I have two shows and Sunday I have two shows.  Monday I get off and then I’m back at it Tuesday through Saturday again.  Next Saturday thought is our big birthday party, so it’ll be chaos.  I have a morning and evening show and then a day full of craziness–a solid twelve.  I’d enjoy it more (honest) if I didn’t feel so drained.  I enjoy the odd event because it’s a nice change–of course, with these events there is so much more that I have to be responsible for.  I managed to get two days off after–Sunday and Monday, so that’s pretty nice.  Somewhere in here I need to do part two of the October Schedule, only got it done through the 17th due to additional changes … but the beat goes on.  I’ll get a little shut eye tonight, charge through my weekend, and lie low on Monday.  Hopefully that’ll recharge the batteries a little.  Speaking off, I should head to bed.  Every little bit helps.

More later …


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