I don’t really have a direction for this entry, just a feeling that I need to put some words down again.  The narrative entries, the ones where I fumble about with words to sum up everything that has been documented by pictures (and the spaces of time in between the pictures) feel like moorings of some sort.  Rather like the mix that masons use between the bricks to keep the structure intact.  So, I do my best to accommodate.

Most recently:

Yesterday I scribbled some words, finished one of the books for my Thursday (and only) class and started another, drank coffee, backed up my iTunes, drank a little beer (one from Italy and one from the Netherlands) and watched Urban Legend with Tiff and Meaghan and Kristy.

Saturday I bummed around most of the day. Watched an episode of Warehouse 13 on hulu (watched the most recent one this morning … I’ll get another one on Wednesday and then have to wait 8 days until the episode that airs Tuesday night arrives on hulu … grr argh!), read a little bit, and then met some old friends out for dinner and drinks at Chiang Mai Thai in Uptown for Alex’s birthday.  It was a great evening and I got to see some friends from college that I don’t normally get to see.  It’s weird, getting older, because you begin reconnecting with people in different ways–their life experiences and yours butt into each other less, so when they do it feels a little more like an explosion of energy.  The question always is, how much of an info dump is each occasion and how much is it relishing in that moment that you’re sharing.  It’s a balance and I think that as we grow older and our experiences tend to, not necessarily stagnate, but maybe plateau a little (less BRAND NEW THINGS ALL THE TIME and more “so this is what I’ve been up to in general”) the more in that moment you can be and the less it is about I HAVE TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE I LAST SAW YOU AND YOU MUST TELL ME EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU SINCE THEN AND WE MUST DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!  It becomes a little calmer and a lot less stressful.  So, Saturday night was one where all of us friends gathered and enjoyed ourselves for a few hours and really enjoyed that moment.  Most everyone I believe was pictured, but my friends from St. Cloud State that I was able to see were:  Bethany, Alex, Scott, Sam, Alissa, and Kim.  Then there were some of Alex’s other friends and family that were also there, the only one that I recall meeting before being his brother Chris.  A really good night overall.  I left the group when we left Chiang Mai Thai (several others departed at that time as well) and went home.  I watched The Invisible and thought about my book and went to bed around 2 am.

Friday night I drank coffee and read books.  Friday itself was filled with work that needed to be done.  I got a major workout in the middle of the day moving four pallets of programs with our day porter.  I’m still feeling that in my back.

Thursday night was my first class.  The class title is Plot in Fiction.  I’m excited for the ways in which I think that this class will help me grow as a writer.  I’m already pretty aware of plot in my writing (and in general) and the conventions that are implied with the various genres, but I’m excited to learn what I don’t know yet.  My professor seems pretty wonderful (Shelia had recommended her to me for my thesis advisor, so I asked her on Thursday if she was available to do it–still waiting to find out if she has room).  When I got home I watched a Peter O’Toole movie that I’d never heard of:  The Stunt Man.  Peter O’Toole was fantastic in it.  I’m still not sure how I felt about Steve Railsback–his character seemed very uneven and I don’t know if that is the character or the actor playing the character.  I don’t know him well enough as an actor to know for sure.  Barbara Hershey was also in it and she was pretty good.

The rest of the week can be pretty much summed up with work.  In addition to prepping the new season I’m now responsible for a lot of the social media and internet stuff that we’re doing, so I’m learning how to implement all of this into my schedule and get everything done in an organized and timely manner.  There is going to be a curve, I think, and I don’t have any room around the edges because I’m no longer salaried and have to clock in and clock out.  Until shows begin (tomorrow) I’m 32 hours a week.  After, I think, there is some flex with this added responsibility.  I don’t quite know what that will be (I was told that the expectation of the position was 12-15 hours a week, but it’s unclear how much of that should be part of my already 32 hours a week).  We’ll see.  So far it’s been great though, I’m learning some new things and exploring some things I know in different ways.  Growth is always good.

Last weekend I saw The American with George Clooney and Machete with Danny Trejo and Jessica Alba (that one I watched with Tiff).  Both were very good in very different ways.  Machete is a throwback exploitation flick that’s heavy on the absurd action and gore.  It’s also very (intentionally) funny.  The American is a very quiet movie that explodes with violence at several points in the film.  It’s set in Italy for most of the movie (after a very violent opening where Clooney’s character Jack/ Edward is uprooted from the snowy ideal that he’s been apparently hiding in with a woman who was unaware of the violence and danger that Jack/ Edward brings with him).  Once in Italy he is again hiding, taking a job from a shadowy colleague that he apparently does not trust (he hides in a different town from the one he is sent to and has destroyed the cell phone that he was given) making a weapon.  In this town he interacts with a priest and a prostitute and through these characters we see the internal struggle that Jack/ Edward is processing.  He is a man with no friends, no family and a past that is literally trying to kill him.  We only know that the past is violent and has brought with it a vengeful retribution that is manifested in hitmen.  It is a very deliberate movie that doesn’t offer any solid answers and provides lingering questions about the state of Jack/ Edward’s soul, his future and whether it is possible to put a violent past behind you and have a happier future.  It is well worth watching.

I can’t really go further back right now, my memory becomes a little fuzzy and events definitely start to repeat (byproduct of work).  My parents were up a the end of August/ beginning of September.  They went to see the American Idol concert at the Target Center and then we went to the Minnesota State Fair on that Saturday.  It was fun, though I think I’d prefer to go with contemporaries with whom I shared like interests, otherwise the fair gets a little dull.  The concerts that night were fantastic though.  I saw Maria Isa perform on the Summit stage in the International Bazaar and then joined my parents at the Leinie Lodge stage for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  It was an eclectic night.

Now, I need to shower and get on with my day.  Lunch and then more writing is in order.  I also have a couple of movies to watch (the remake of The Hitcher–finally saw the original, which was very good, though I’m not expecting the same of the remake–from the library and Crazyheart from Netflix).  So, I best get on with it.

More later …


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