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Once again, it has been a while since I’ve posted on here.  As I scan over the entries I notice that I haven’t written anything that wasn’t a photo caption for about a month.  Time does fly, doesn’t it?

I’m really not going to be able to hit on everything that’s happened, there will be things missed, I hope you’ll forgive me for a summary.

Summer is still technically the season, and the thermometer is a testament to it, but for me it feels like it has come to a close.  When I was younger, it was with the return to fall.  The last few years of working year round it came with the first play of the season.  This summer ended when I went back to work.  I’ve worked pretty hard to shake off any of the residual negative energy and I think that I’m doing a pretty good job overall.  The new schedule suits my life (if not my wallet) pretty well.  I have been really busy since I’ve returned as well, booking up my time pretty quickly.

Right before I went back I bought a desk and chair from Ikea.  It’s a very comfortable workstation and I’ve actually sat at it and used it!  This is pretty big, since I usually work best sitting at a coffee shop (which I’m still doing).  Since the library has reopened I’ve spent more time there, both on the second floor next to the fiction or non-fiction sections, or in the Dunn Bros.  I’ve also been getting a bunch of new music and movies to watch.  I love having the library back–so many things to discover!  Still going to B&N, writing and reading and drinking coffee.  I’m shelving novel project number three for a while and returning to novel project number one for my thesis … it’s a mixed genre story that includes horror, mystery, and thriller elements.  Since I first came up with the idea and scribbling notes for it about four years ago it has kept the same name:  Hush.  I’m looking forward to getting going on this story again.  This is a good thing, since by next spring I should be finished with a first draft and working on a second draft.  I have about 70 pages right now … I’ve got to get working!

Been seeing a bunch of movies.  I’ll try to put together an entry with all of the titles and comments on them soon.  Been reading too, though the consumption of books has slowed a little.  Too many with bookmarks in them, not enough being finished.  I’ll have to start remedying that swiftly.

Megan is traveling around Europe.  She’s already been through Paris, Amsterdam, and Dublin.  She’s in Edinburgh right now to do a show in the Fringe Festival there.  I haven’t communicated with her since she left.  She gets back at the end of September and then we’ll have to see.

Other things that I’ve been busy with:  Worked a junior intensive production of Seussical and then a senior intensive performance of The Who’s Tommy.  Saw See You Next Tuesday at the Minneapolis Fringe Festival.  Saw Scottsboro Boys at the Guthrie with Meaghan.  Went to see No Bird Sing and Halloween, Alaska perform at Cause Spirits & Soundbar in Minneapolis.  Watched my friend Lizzie perform in a cabaret at Old Arizona Theatre in Minneapolis.  Trying to see as many people as possible while still having time to hide away and do my work and relax my brain.  Tonight I watched Scott Pilgrim VS The World with Julia, Tuesday night I’m getting coffee with my friend Bethany, Wednesday night is the Gatsby lawn party at Hamline, and Friday my parents are coming to town for the American Idol concert (I really don’t understand them sometimes …) and then Saturday we’re going to the State Fair.  Also this week my friend Tiff gets back and at some point we will go see Piranha 3D, because why wouldn’t we.

Life keeps moving along, you know?  In just a couple of weeks I’ll be back in class and then …

More later …


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