trickling down

I haven’t done a proper narrative entry for a little while and I’m probably due (though, visually, this journal is really up to date).

Last week Tuesday I got to see Megan.  She came over and we had a great evening together.  We watched Someone Like You and ate Big Bowl food and drank wine and talked about a lot of things.  I think we’re back to where we were right after I left New York last year.  This is even truer in that she is now in Paris with her mother.  Following Paris she will be in Ireland, Scotland, and Spain and then she returns to New York for a while.  She should be back in Minnesota in December and will probably be here through March.  When that happens, I suppose that we will see.  There is something there.

Wednesday I went up to my parents’ house.  Thursday my parents went down to the Cities and picked up my little brother and his girlfriend at the airport and brought them back north.  I think my dad was a little nervous because we had a ridiculous spat Thursday morning.  I got tired of having him huff and puff around me and not talk to me, so I went into McGregor and ran some errands for my mom, grabbed a new air filter for my truck and a cup of coffee and I was good.  I spent the day doing laundry, chilling in the hot tub, smoking a cigar and drinking beers.  I also watched Salvador, which was a great flick.  It was a good day.  My parents got back with my brother and Marjorie around 9-ish that night.

She was fantastic and we all had a lot of fun.  Friday we hung out in the woods, my dad took Marjorie out on the four-wheeler.  The rest of the day was filled with general hanging out in the woods randomness, including a trip over to take a look at Big Sandy.  Saturday we all went into Superior and Duluth for the day.  We drove through Jay Cooke State Park and went down by the St Croix river and then came into town over the old wood bridge by Oliver.  We tooled around and pointed out all of the landmarks of mine and Bill’s childhoods.  After we finished up with Wisconsin we drove over the High Bridge and down to Canal Park.  We drove over the Ariel Lift Bridge for Marjorie’s sake and then we parked and got lunch at Green Mill.  After lunch we went over to Lake Superior and managed to take a few photos on the rocks before we had to go to the car (due to huge storm clouds that rolled over the hill) to just beat the rain.  We went up the hill then and drove around UMD and St Scholastica and then back to McGregor.  Sunday we decided to stay an extra day.  Marjorie spent time in the house working on the knitting project that my mom got her started on and then they cooked scones.  I tooled around in the garage with my dad working on some projects.  We added air to my back tires and then pulled down my dad’s old road bike and got it all cleaned up and loaded in my truck (he gave it to me).  There was a good deal of rust on it, but fortunately most of it was spot rust that came off with chrome polish.  It’ll be a good road bike.  We came back Monday afternoon.  We spent some time in Maple Grove at Marjorie’s sister’s house with her nieces and nephews before grabbing a late dinner at Red Lobster and late showing of Salt at Rosedale.

Salt was good.  Completely implausible, pretty silly at times, but also awesome due in a large part to Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber.  I love Cheweitel Ejifor, but his part was pretty marginal.  He walks in and chases her for a bit and then disappears for a long time before coming in at the end to chase her for a little bit.  It was fun though and it was a little more memorable than Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

I dropped them off at the airport today.  Then I grabbed a sandwich at Potbelly’s and then went over to B&N for a bit.  Then I came home and watched some television and drank some beer.  That about catches us up for the last week.

More later …


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