rain dog

I had a great day yesterday.  I slept until around 11 or 12 and then lounged for a little while puzzling out aspects of my story.  I also watched a few more episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Then I went out to my pool.  I dipped in for a bit and then lounged in the sun reading For Love of the Game and listening to The Hold Steady on my iPod.  After soaking up the sun I showered, watched a crap movie called The Specials and then picked Meaghan up for the concert.

We got to First Ave about twenty minutes before doors and hung out outside waiting.  We had excellent line placement, second from the front, so I didn’t have an opportunity to admire the new stars on the side of the building pre-show.  We chatted, were let in, got beers and had our run of the place.  We decided to grab some stools and had an excellent view of the show (see pictures in the previous posts).  We alternated getting beers and using the bathroom and kept our seats the whole time.  It was a really fun time, and the best part was that Meaghan had a great time too.  We haven’t really hung out before, the two of us.  There were always other people around, usually Tiff, so it was a nice surprise that we got along so well.  The show was great–The Whigs were the opening band and looked and sounded like they dropped in from the mid-nineties.  Then The Hold Steady came out and rocked it–one of the most fun live acts that I’ve seen.  I walked away with a limited edition poster for the show which is now sitting in a frame with my ticket.  Great time all the way around.

After the show we ended up down the street at the new Kieran’s Irish Pub on the patio with Mat and a few of his friends for last call (I had water since I was driving).  Then we meandered our way home and it was the end of the evening.  I went down around three-thirty.

In theory I was going to have brunch with Sara this morning.  She called, her phone died, she let her phone charge and called again.  We didn’t meet because I just wasn’t in any shape for it.  Next time, we said.  And I fell back asleep.  When I got up again I showered and then watched Southland Tales.  A pretty decent flick if not overly convoluted.  I think the playout was pretty good overall.  I needed to get out a bit, so I went to B&N and did some writing and then came back home again at close.  As I type this, the closing credits for Three Days of the Condor are rolling.  Excellent flick, can’t believe that it took me so long to finally watch it.  Up next?  Who knows.

It rained today, so my regular walk with Megan was postponed until tomorrow.  I may also go to St. Cloud tomorrow for lunch.  Again, we’ll see.

More later …


Published by: Thomas Rohde

Artist // Writer // Theatre Professional // Nerd // Night Owl Inspired by a steady and lifelong infusion of pop culture, comic books, and a vast assortment of films and books, our friendly neighborhood blogger has doomed himself to a life of creative pursuits. There's not enough time for everything, but we all do what we can. Artist: of watercolor, ink, comic illustration, horror/ sci-fi/ fantasy art. Writer: of fictions, tweets, captions & blogs. Lover: coffee, whiskey, wine & beer. Instagram and Twitter as @demipho

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