fragile things

It’s late, or early, and I’m going to bed soon.  I just felt like a little state of the state was in order.

Tonight, I went to the Minnesota Roller Girls bout at Roy Wilken’s Auditorium with Zack–great bout:  MNRG won against HCRG (from Canada), saw one of my ASL interpreters in the early bout as a Robber versus the cops, and sat track side for the whole thing.  Afterward, Zack and I walked back to his place watched Fight Club and ate snacks purchased from the SA down the street.

Earlier I was at work.  Two show day.  Talked to my mom on the phone this morning, got an update and a guess as to how long my Grandma has left (between one day and one week was the guess, my mom said that she looked at peace and was pretty unresponsive).  She asked me if I would read.  I said I would.  She asked me if I could find something from Shakespeare to read.  I said I would.

Last night (Friday night) I worked a program in the education department.  Then Angela and I got some food and watched Star Trek.

Thursday night I worked the program in the education department, went home and watched an episode of V and Castle on hulu.  Pretty exhausted still.  Had a text back and forth with L (this is ongoing–there don’t seem to be any boundaries as I get them early in the morning and late at night).  Getting frustrated.

Wednesday I worked the morning show, worked all day, met with my professor who is also my advisor for mid-term advising (at a coffee shop) and then went to class with the same professor.  Class was fantastic, three local authors talked about the pieces that we read selections from as well as the process of first doing them as their MFA thesis assignments and then turning them into published books.  Revisions on my project continue.  Final project for the class (the first 45 pages, heavily revised) are due to group members and professor next Wednesday.

Tuesday I worked the morning show, worked all day, and came home to do work for class but had trouble not sleeping.  Was fearful of getting one of the many bugs going around and completely exhausted (still pretty worn down, but I’m trying hard not to let it slow me down too much).

Last Sunday and Monday my parents were visiting.  We had a good late lunch at Old Chicago and then browsed at B&N a bit.  Watched Suspect Zero and ate cake.  Good couple of days.  Found out that Grandma is not doing well at all and that they don’t expect her to be alive for very much longer.  Also slept most of Monday.

Saturday I took the day off of work and hung out with Zack for most of it.  We caught a movie, ate some food, and had a good time.

So, this is growing up.

More later …


Published by: Thomas Rohde

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