all hallow’s eve, all saint’s day

And now it’s November.  There is chill in the air and leaves blow along the streets.  I love Autumn.

Friday night I worked.  After I was done I went to a party that a co-worker threw and had a pretty good time overall.  The poets (from the show) showed and there were a bunch of the usual suspects there.  It was a good time.  I left a little bit before one and went home and watched Beautiful Girls and chatted online with Hannah.  Lots of late night chats with Hannah–similar hours awake, similar senses of humor.  It’s nice.  I crashed sometime after 3AM.

I was going to stop in at work for a bit on Saturday to watch a run-thru, but I wasn’t feeling real awesome when I woke up, so I put it off for a day.  I stayed on my couch watching episodes of Buffy for a while and then I went to B&N and did a little bit of writing.  I went to my friend Paige’s birthday/ Halloween party around 8 and stayed for a couple of hours.  I was supposed to get together with my friend Sara, but our friend Brenda couldn’t find a babysitter, so Sara stayed in St. Cloud where she is currently located.  I need to make a visit to my English Advisor from SCSU, so I might pay a visit coming up.  Catch her for some coffee after I check in with Jack.

After Paige’s party I ended up at First Ave for their big Halloween Party.  I met my friend Angela and a few other folks there.  It was a meat market.  I ended up in line for a bit over an hour surrounded by girls dressed up like slutty firefighters, slutty policewomen, slutty catholic school girls, and pretty much anything else that you could add “slutty” in front of.  Of course all of them were between 18 and 20 … kinda awesome and kinda lame at the same time.  I got inside, bee-lined for the bathroom (I had to pee before I got into line) and then sought out my friends.  Not being able to find anyone in the teeming masses of costumed flesh I decided to position myself in an easily findable place: under the stairs.  I sent her a text saying “Where R U, I’m under the stairs” and then I noticed that there were two people fucking next to me.  Not fucking next to me, fucking next to me … about five feet away, upskirt, zipper down, fucking.  At a glance you might just think they were dancing, grinding to the music, but her back was arched all wrong for that … and the leg went up … and …

I was kinda happy for them and kinda disgusted at the same time.

I found my friends finally and hung out for a while.  I saw 1AM twice and then decided to leave.

Sunday I went to see the run-thru and took notes.  Will meet about it on Tuesday.  Then I wrote for a few hours at B&N and met up with Zack and Tiff and we saw Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2.  There were a lot of cool things that Rob Zombie did in that movie and Brad Doriff did a fantastic job as Sheriff Brackett (makes me a little sad that he’s spent his entire career, more or less, in a b-movie horror ghetto) but the movie overall was a pile of shit.  Jesus Christ did I get tired of the ethereal dead mother in white, either with a white horse or with a new kid playing young Mike Myers, pushing Michael Myers on to kill! kill! kill!  In another movie, with other characters, that might have worked, but it was just irritating in this movie.  What’s more, he did the cheap trick moves, having the first half an hour of violence and death turn out to be a fucked up dream that Laurie was having, then Laurie is having visions of the ethereal dead mother and visions of herself as young Mike Myers cutting her friends up.  Michael McDowell shows up and makes Loomis a profiteering douche (which had some nice moments, such as his appearance on a talk show with Chris Hardwick and Weird Al where they just destroy him, and some nice questioning about whether he has a right to drag these people through the muck to sell books) who reveals to the world that Laurie Strode is really Angel Myers.  This makes Laurie all crazy like, Mike Myers catches up with her and kills a fuckload of people and then Laurie goes crazy.  The ending is ripped directly from the conclusion of Psycho (with, thankfully, no skull superimposed on her face, just a creepy Anthony Perkins grin).

So, if there is another Halloween movie in this series, either Laurie Strode is going to get knife happy, or maybe he’ll just remake Season of the Witch (which I think is a little underrated, though rooted firmly in the 80’s with the cheesy special effects and Tom Atkins as the protagonist, I thought it had a good concept and I liked John Carpenter’s intentions of turning the Halloween series into an anthology series based around Halloween horror movies).

So that’s my little rant on that.

Now, I’m in Maplewood at a B&N waiting as I get my oil changed.  I had lunch with Katie and we had a good chat.

Something to recommend:

The Legend of Neil webseries … fantastic and funny.  Felicia Day is wonderful.

More later …


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