october rain keeps falling

It’s been raining all day.  I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised at rain in October, but I don’t know if I can remember other times it’s rained during this month.  I’m sure there are other times, but I just can’t place them.  We’ve had lovely Octobers, especially in recent years, but usually the month stands out as just being plain cold.  It’s when Autumn firmly cements itself and tells us that Winter is coming sooner rather than later.  I’ve been very tired lately and haven’t been sleeping all that great or all that regularly, so hopefully this weather doesn’t push me in the direction of getting a cold.  I really should take better care of myself, but there are only so many hours in a day and I’ve got a lot of stuff that needs to get done.

I was up late last night/ early this morning finishing a book for class.  Fell asleep sometime after 3AM and woke up around 10AM (alarms went off earlier than that).  I got up wrote the discussion questions out and put everything together for class.  Last night I was invited to go to a performance at BLB of Rockstar Storytellers, but I had to pass because I still had too much of the book to read.  Having finished the book I went to see Zombieland this afternoon with friends.  It was a great movie and I laughed throughout the entire movie.  There is a fantastic scene in Beverly Hills that I won’t spoil, but really is a highlight of the movie.  And there is a lot of stuff good about this movie.

Before and after the movie I worked on my reading for Wednesday night’s class.  It’s starting to pile up on me now, like getting caught in the waves in the ocean, I’m just keeping my head up.  Class tonight went okay, but I got my reflection paper back and found a B+ on it … so far I’m sitting on a 4.0 for my tenure in grad school.  A two credit B isn’t going to hit my GPA too much (and I’m really not sure that my GPA will matter all that much for my MFA in Creative Writing) but it’s still a matter of pride.  I’ve never had a 4.0 before (well, once, but I only had one class that semester) and the fact that I’ve now taken 4 classes, 2 full terms, and still have that 4.0 is pretty nice.  I have three more classes and two more papers for my Monday night class to push the grade up.  We’ll see if I can do it.

I hope that once my Monday night class gets done that I’m able to get ahead a bit on my Wednesday night work so that I can read some other books too.  I really feel like my writing is suffering a little this term without having that random outside model to subconsciously dig away at my brain and up my game.  My story is coming along and I have ideas for where it is going, but I’m slogging through it much more this Fall than I did with my other piece last Spring.  Sigh.

That’s all I really feel like saying right now.  I relaxed my brain Saturday night to Crank 2, a movie that really seems to hate people in general (but was kind of brilliant in its style and complete disregard for logic or story).  Last night I had Grand Torino on during a brain-melting break.  Really solid flick.  Deserved the nominations that it received.  If that truly is going to be the last time Clint Eastwood appears on screen, there are far worse ways for him to sign off as an actor.  It’s a strong performance and a testament to his entire career as an actor.  Thankfully, we’ll still have him directing for a while longer.

More later …


Published by: Thomas Rohde

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