leaves in the river

It’s a beautiful day out, the sun is shining and there is a wonderful crispness in the air.  It’s lovely.

I am exhausted right now.  I was up until 2AM in a vain effort to finish the writing that needed to be done today.  There just hasn’t seemed enough time to finish the things I want to and when I have some time my brain is so overwhelmed and exhausted that I don’t get as much done as I would like.  Sunday I lost a chunk of my time to work by shutting down another blog and talking to my brother.  This is not time I’d consider wasted though (well, maybe the blog thing, but that couldn’t be helped) it’s just time I lost on these writing projects.  I was up late on Sunday night working on Monday’s writing and I was up late last night working on today’s.

It will be wonderful it I can reach the day where the only work I do is writing.  The day when I don’t have to fit it in around another job and my life will be a great day–then only my life will intercede and that is something that I would happily manage.

I am going to the wedding of an old friend on Saturday.  I haven’t spoken to her for years and before that it was sporadic.  It will be an interesting day.  My parents will be there as will several other people I haven’t seen in years.  I want to find time to paint her wedding gift this week still, but I don’t know when it will get fit in.  I have a painting designed in my head and sketched out.  I would love to be able to get it done.

Class in a little bit.

More later …


Published by: Thomas Rohde

Artist // Writer // Theatre Professional // Nerd // Night Owl Inspired by a steady and lifelong infusion of pop culture, comic books, and a vast assortment of films and books, our friendly neighborhood blogger has doomed himself to a life of creative pursuits. There's not enough time for everything, but we all do what we can. Artist: of watercolor, ink, comic illustration, horror/ sci-fi/ fantasy art. Writer: of fictions, tweets, captions & blogs. Lover: coffee, whiskey, wine & beer. Instagram and Twitter as @demipho

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