honest and heartfelt

This morning I had a very good breakfast with my friend KT.  We went over events of late and discussed the difficulties that we have been experiencing in our lives lately.  Then we went for a short walk.  It was lovely and much needed.

I’m always in awe (though I really shouldn’t be) by the support that I get from my friends when things get difficult in my life.  They may not be able to do anything to directly help, but their presence and assurance does a lot.  I know that I have people that are on my side, that when events transpire to beat at the door of my security that I at least have someone to sit near me and help me bear the noise.

KT was this morning, earlier this week I had a much needed late night meal and drinks with Zack and then on Friday I caught a movie (Jennifer’s Body) with Zack and Tiff, after which more food, drinks, and cake were had.  There should always be cake.  To top off the stresses of work and relationship, I received a call in the midst of Friday’s activities from my dad telling me that my Aunt Joann just found out that she has colon cancer.  The size of an orange, he said.  Operable, he said.  That’s all the information right now.

So that’s the bulk of the stresses of late:  work, relationship, family.

Last night, my friend Libby and I had dinner and then we watched Sunshine Cleaning, which was good.  The movie had some nice resonance for me.  It wasn’t perfect, far from it, but it felt honest and heartfelt.  Sometimes that’s what a movie needs to be.  Sometimes that’s what everything needs to be.  The world can be very harsh and I think that most everyone has been living under this sheet of grey lately, with the economy being as rough as it is, with jobs being as sparse as they are, and with the pressures of life not lifting to preserve the balance.  Sound and fury, harsh and grey, but there is color.  My friendships add the color.  There is still room for honest and heartfelt.

More later …


Published by: Thomas Rohde

Artist // Writer // Theatre Professional // Nerd // Night Owl Inspired by a steady and lifelong infusion of pop culture, comic books, and a vast assortment of films and books, our friendly neighborhood blogger has doomed himself to a life of creative pursuits. There's not enough time for everything, but we all do what we can. Artist: of watercolor, ink, comic illustration, horror/ sci-fi/ fantasy art. Writer: of fictions, tweets, captions & blogs. Lover: coffee, whiskey, wine & beer. Instagram and Twitter as @demipho

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